Originally from the RetailerNOW magazine website... here is a great tutorial on how to use Instagram:

Have you heard a ton about Instagram, but still not quite sure what it is, or what to do with it? Then read our quick tutorial!

Instagram is a social media site for photo sharing. It allows users to follow their friends, family, and brands they love, and then interact with the photos they post. Instagram offers users a variety of tools to unleash user’s inner photographer.

Here’s the steps to start using Instagram:

1. Visit the App store on either your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android.

2. Search for Instagram and Download.

3. Open the app and create a Username and Password. You can connect the Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts through Settings. Here’s a tour of what you will see once you are set up:

4. Find friends to follow through the Search tool (be sure to follow @RetailerNOW)!

5. Start taking photos. You can either take a photo through Instagram, or use your smart device’s camera app and then upload it into Instagram. And now the fun begins:

6. Add a description and share with your other social media networks!

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